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5 SEO WordPress Plugins that can Improve Website Ranking

So you have a great WordPress site, but no one is visiting. Now what? There are many exceptional WordPress plugins available to boost your SEO to bring more traffic to your site and generate more leads.

Having a WordPress based website set-up is probably one of the easiest things to do. Most newbies would feel accomplished at this point, without even realizing the hard work of getting traffic onto the site has just begun. To relieve the webmasters of additional pain, there are few SEO centric WordPress plugins that help the WordPress website owners to work on the backlinks, generate more leads and improve the search engine rankings as an overall result. Here’s a list of top 5 SEO based WordPress plugins.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This tool made by Yoast is widely suggested by experts to the newbies who own a WordPress based website. WordPress SEO works on multi-site environment on hosting platforms and it’s an all-included multi-purpose SEO tool. The basic features are – assisting website owners to create better content, integrate social connection with the WordPress website, creating website sitemaps, etc. To optimize the Meta and anchor text on a website, WordPress SEO offers a search engine view for the verification of Meta description.

  1. Google Tag Manager for WordPress by DuracellTomi

Google Tag Manager has been focused towards an advanced group of website owners who could at least incorporate a piece of code into their website script. This tool would create a data-layer and place website visit Analytics, AdWords, Floodlight and few other tags as a different interface. These tags individually plotted on a website could significantly slow down loading speed and website operation; but having them placed on a single interface would speed up website operation. And the best part is, the main codes and scripts of WordPress webpages won’t require any changes.

  1. SEO Friendly Images

With image search gaining popularity these days, a website should also stand out in image search results. Very often, people search for an image of a product to find out more details about it and images that are search engine optimized can help them find their answer. Behind the HTML code of an image, there’s an alt text which is the key to making an image discoverable by the search engine bots. SEO Friendly Images does all of these tasks at ease.

  1. WP Social SEO Booster

Being active on social networks is a considerable factor to search engines these days. WP Social SEO Booster can add respective Facebook Graph, Google Rich Snippets, Twitter Card etc., and these social media elements can enrich the search engine presence of your website. These can be done generally for your whole website, or for a specific page/post published on your website.

  1. Scribe for WordPress

Scribe makes gathering insight data easier. A website owner can get directives on how to generate content which will be more suitable to the current search engine algorithms and visitors’ demands. Being strategic with websites can certainly get a website more leads and traffic. Scribe basically checks whether a website’s niche and the published content are matching each other. These results are useful to determine whether there should be changes made to the existing keywords of a website.


WordPress based websites are easier to create, operate and maintain. With an Expert SEO plugin like one of the above, your website can easily become more successful.

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