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A new method that makes clear how species play a significant role when introduced or designed

Coming to the point that involves the environmental disturbance, how species can affect the surrounding in case they die or if new species attacks. To find out the situation that will create an issue, rather it’s important to comprehend how these species impact on each other. A theoretical method has been implied to find out the solution with the help of mathematical models. However, a novel theoretical ecological analysis, emphasis on the marine ecosystems that include fjords, coral reefs, and open sea as published in the scientific journal ecology letters. This system consists of a variety of habitats that are economically and ecologically significant.

The only way to interact with this problem is to explain the process as a food web, wherein a certain point of intersection is being represented with different species and a link has connected that interact between the process. To be more specific, in case one species is feeding the another, at the same time it fertilizes few plants as well.

Further, research has been conducted on the ecological connection that emphasis on how the interaction of preying one animal to another is been controlled by the specific characters of species that include body length. Well, the team is moving on one step ahead and considering the ecological role of a species, the way they are being controlled by its behavior, “said by a senior lecturer Anna Eklof, from the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and leader of the study.

While, it’s very tough to keep eye on each species, checking out who is feeding whom, affecting the surrounding. The only way one can recognize the ecological roles of species is through their traits that can assist in finding the act of species the time they are been introduced or designed into a new habitat. A research team is in the process of identifying in all ways by interacting three different species in a food web, which is known as “Motif” that can help in finding out the functioning within the network provided. However, more research is required to be performed, to check the interconnection of species in the land-based habitats relying on their behavior.


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