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Amazon Hikes Annual Pricing for Prime Subscription

After keeping the same fee for four years, Amazon has now increased the annual fee for of Amazon Prime subscription, making the favorite even expensive. While it doesn’t mean that the subscription is profitable to the public, the hike of 20% is something worth noting. With this hike in effect, Amazon Prime subscription would cost $119 per year. The new pricing would come into effect by May 11. If you are an existing user of Prime, you will have to pay the extra amount when you renew the subscription after June 16. According to what Amazon has to say, there is a lot more to expect from Prime.

More importantly, the Prime subscription has not become expensive, at least practically. With the non-Prime rates of two-day and one-day shipping increasing day by day, the amount of $119 is quite a reasonable choice for most Prime subscribers. Also, in the previous couple of years, Amazon has integrated many services to its subscription system, making it suitable for digital users. As of now, the Prime subscription offers access to Prime Video and Music. While the collections aren’t as big as those of Spotify or Netflix, these are some awesome perks other than free shipping and shopping-based offers.

With these in mind, Amazon still believes that Prime subscription is really reasonable and a good deal for its majority of users. Amazon added that it was able to increase the quality of Prime subscription by increasing the price back in 2014, and that it expects the same by repositioning the price at $119. Some of the notable perks of Prime subscription include Audible subscription and cloud storage. According to the words from the Amazon spokesperson, the service is going to receive more contents in the package, and sticking onto the subscription, despite its price tag, would be a great idea.


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