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Amazon Launches Prime Book Box, A Subscription Service for Kids

Amazon Prime Book Box

Despite increasing the annual fee of Prime subscription, Amazon seems to be interested in making more kids avid readers. The online shopping giant has launched a brand-new subscription service, which is called Prime Book Box. As the name says, the service is aimed at kids who are interested in reading. According to the official spokesperson of Amazon, the company wants to help Prime subscribers find the best children books, which would, in turn, nurture the love for reading. The subscription package can be purchased in various durations of one month to three months. Amazon has prepared different collections for different children too.

Prime Book Box will be delivering two kinds of books based on the age of the child. For toddlers, the service would be delivering 4 board books. On the other hand, when it comes to older kids who belong to an age of 3 to 12, there will be 4 books, consisting of 2 hardcover picture books and 2 novels. In addition to this, the company has classified the books into four categories based on the age: up to 2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Users are required to select the age of their kid while registering for Prime Book Box subscription. The idea is to provide the most suitable books for kids.

A package of books — the number will be based on the age of the kids — will be delivered every single month the subscription is valid for. According to the reports, Amazon Prime Book Box is going to be a well-curated list of books for children. The collection would not consist of books that were purchased by the customer. In addition to that, Amazon would be offering a preview of books that are present in the upcoming package. It is possible for the user to make changes and even swap some books if they think kids won’t be interested in them.


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