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Amazon Tie-up with Best Buy to Sell Smart TVs built on Fire TV OS

In a queue to sell more Fire TV products to its customers, the e-commerce platform, Amazon announced a tie-up with Best Buy to sell some smart TV sets powered by its own Fire TV operating system. The purpose of teaming up with Best Buy was only one that to sell 11 TV sets. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon seemed very excited over with partnership, revealed yesterday through a media briefing held in the store of Best Buy situated near the Amazon’s Seattle headquarters.

With this multi-year partnership, the consumer electronics corporation, Best Buy is on its way to becoming the exclusive retail partner to launch and sell Fire TV Editions. These devices are officially made by Toshiba and Best Buy’s Insignia. Insignia is the own house brand of Best Buy. The retailer organization will be selling the TV sets through its own website that is bestbuy.com, and it’ll be the first time in the history that Amazon will be become an official seller and provide the products through the Amazon.com.

These 11 Fire TV Edition Models from Toshiba and some from Insignia will be launched in the summer for selling and will be available to buy exclusively on the online platforms of both companies and also on its brick-and-mortar stores. This step represents the newest development in the war for consumers’ living rooms, as the search giant, Google has already infiltrated the large screens with its Android TV and with voice-activated Google Assistant.

Fire TV Edition provides the same UI – User Interface and application as the e-commerce Amazon’s existing Fire TV streaming products with some addition of a few specific features related to television. It contains a live guide with program information for all broadcast channels.

The announcement was short with a few main technical details. Information about the sizes of the TV sets wasn’t discussed. There will be total 11 models to be shipped this current year that comprises both 4-K and HD TVs also hinting that at least some of them will be on the more reasonable side.

Nonetheless, even with incomplete details, this announcement was indeed significant as the per market demand. For one thing, it establishes Amazon’s sustained incursion into the homeland, where it already exists with its specific Fire TV streaming devices along with millions of Amazon Echo smart speakers.

But beyond that, the tie-up between the shopping website and the retail chain also demonstrates the e-commerce giant’s augmented drives to show off its devices in physical retail sites, and its inclination to team up with apparent opponents to do so


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