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American Express unveils Centurion Lounge at Denver Airport in the US by next year end

The American Expression has confirmed its plan of opening its newest Centurion Lounge at the Denver International Airport (DEN) in the US. The Centurion Lounge is expected to complete by the end of next year. It’s about 14,000 square feet, will be considered the fifth-largest in the network, located at C Concourse C Mezzanine, most importantly all the facilities to be accessible by all the passengers such as high-speed internet facility, food options, premium bar, tranquility area, shower suites many other special amenities. In addition,

Mr.Patrick Heck, the chief commercial officer of DEN, says that the American Express brand offers a high-quality experience for their guest, that is aligned with the DEN’s point of view towards customers experiencing the same to their passengers.

Moreover, they are pleased by offering high-quality products like the American Express Centurion Lounge provides its passengers. Every year above 61 million passengers seen at this airport with a rise of 12 percent passengers since two years.

The vice-president and general manager of the American Express global benefits and services Mr. Josh Mckay says, they are astonished to express about their plans of bringing this idea of the Centurion Lounge at the Denver International Airport, especially because it’s one of the top airports where almost all the premium cardholders and Centurion members travel through this airport. He added up, that the location at Concourse C will let the fliers access from any airlines at Denver.

Around 36 percent rise in the air travel through Denver most of them are US Premium Card Members who have booked the American Express Travel all the way. While, for platinum card holders and Centurion members, it’s free for them to access the Centurion Lounge, whereas other guests they will be charged $50.


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