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Anti-Depressants Might Be Correlated With Dementia As Per The Study


Constant intake of few anti-depressants can be interconnected to dementia, as per the British investigations, as mentioned by the research team on Thursday, although they are unsure whether these drugs are actually responsible for the same.

A study conducted in Britain, 300,000 and above people were detected by dementia who were actually consuming prescribed anticholinergic drugs for treating depression and bladder issues for over 20 years.

Well, results are still unsure whether the consumption of this drugs, is actually the reason behind dementia, as shared by George Savva from the University of East Anglia’s School of Health Science. In addition, he was the joint author of BMJ medical journal.

Maybe these drugs are recommended for noticing the symptoms at the initial stage of dementia. Anticholinergic medication blocks neurotransmitter acetylcholine in certain nerve cells that cause bladder muscles to contract, reduces bladder spasms as well delays the longing for urinating in people with OAB.

The anti-depressant included in Anticholinergic are Dosulepin, Paroxetine, and Amitriptyline, mentioned by the researchers after comparing the medical data of dementia patients age above 65 that was around 40,770 and the count of people without dementia was around 2,83,933.

As per Savva, above 50 million people globally are diagnosed by dementia expecting this number to go higher to 132 million by 2050. The main focus that has been considered worldwide right now is preventing dementia by mounting various tactics.

In addition, the study further recommends a “potential preventive approach “for more investigation. Urging people those who are consuming anticholinergic drugs to not to stop until and unless they consult their physicians or pharmacists. As per the spokesperson, for the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority, safety of the patients is considered on high priority and they are constantly monitoring all the medicine. Proper evaluation of this result will be done to regulate the safety of anticholinergic medicines.


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