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Apple to Step Up into VR with 16K VR Headset

The rumors of Apple entering the Virtual Reality game have been there for a while. However, a new report has confirmed that Apple is indeed working on a 16K VR Headset. This will launch Apple into a position where they can face the battle between Microsoft, Google and many others including Facebook. As per the reports by CNET, the VR Headset, codenamed T288, is planned at 2020 and will be a combination of both VR and AR tech. The device is supposed to have 8K panels for each eye, with a dedicated system for processing. It is to use wireless connectivity too.

It is clear that Apple is not going to launch a simple Virtual Reality device, for entertainment or other needs. On the other hand, by combining the tech of VR and AR, the tech giant wants to launch a device that makes use of Mixed Reality. Last year, Apple had acquired Vrvana, an Augmented Reality Startup, and this is going to help the Cupertino-based company to fine-tune the wearable like never before. It needs to be noted here that Apple wants to go almost completely wireless with this device. The connection between the processing box and display will be using a short-range wireless connectivity tech.

With the device expected to launch in 2020, all the current ideas are about the early-stage prototype. Some changes are surely expected in the final output, especially regarding the 8K display panels and management of such heavy load. Apple would be required to include huge-enough Graphical Processing Units for those 2 panels to work, and some innovation is expected in the design department as well. More importantly, world of AR and VR has been skyrocketing for the past couple of years, with both startups and giants coming getting their hands on newer tech.

Considering all these points, the T288 Mixed Reality 16K Headset from Apple would be a breakthrough.


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