Home Technology Apple’s sixth-generation iPad – price, specifications, and reviews

Apple’s sixth-generation iPad – price, specifications, and reviews

Apple's sixth-generation iPad – price, specifications, and reviews

Apple’s iPad is the best tablet till the date at the price of US$ 329 and US$ 299, especially for students. The iPad is the most lightweight device with robust high-quality apps. The newly launched device has faster processor and support to the Apple Pencil. The devices are mainly made for the educational purposes and support all files for the same purpose.

The device is perfect for the collection of content and creative work. However, Apple is competing with the laptops and Chromebooks that are available in schools and colleges. Henceforth, to compete with devices, it must have additional features. Addition of these features and expensive accessories are increasing the prices of the devices significantly.

The device looks like the older fifth-generation model; it can fit all older accessories. Its accessories are available at just US$ 10 to US$ 15. It is 9.4 x 6.6 by 0.3-inches. The weight of Wi-Fi-based models of 1.03 pounds and the cellular devices 1.05 pounds. The device has Gorilla glass, headphone jack. These iPads are available in the gold, gray, and silver colors.

The new iPad has the A10 processor which is used in the iPhone 7. The faster processor cannot change the speed of the basic UI. The difference between A9 and A10 can be noticed when AR apps are running.

The devices support the Pencil. The pencil is available for US$ 99 and for US$ 89 for the schools. The iPad is available in 32 GB and 128 GB for both Wi-Fi and cellular. The prices of both the devices are different.

It has the same f/2.4, 8 MP camera, and f/2.2 1.2 selfie camera. The main camera can capture the 1080p video and 720p slow motion at 120fps whereas, the front facing can capture 720p video. The main camera works better in indoor lighting, while in dark places, images can be little noisy. There are the dual speakers at the bottom.


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