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Australia Investing Millions Towards Great Barrier Reef For Protection And Restoration

Great Barrier Reef

Above 500 million Australians dollars ($379 million) has been assured by Australia to assist in preserving the Great Barrier Reef, a small attempt towards the protection of the world heritage that gets affected due to environmental changes. In 2016, as we are aware of the Marine heat that was caused by global warming has killed and damaged corals. Majority of the impact was over 500 miles of the northern Great Barrier Reef, which has been the pristine region as of now.

This funding has been a determined as a conventional plan that will have a vision towards Australian government partner along with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to improvise and observe the long-term benefits of the reef.

As defined by the Australian government about the one-time investment towards the reef preservation and administering the country’s past information. This amount will be utilized in improving quality of the water, control over the major predator, as well develop reef restoration.

More of, the Great Barrier Reef has been the home towards world’s largest collation of coral reefs, that includes 1,500 species of fish and 400 types of coral. Also a shelter for many other species, which includes dugong and large green turtle.

However, considering the Great Barrier Reef, as one of the largest living structure on the planet and one of the seven natural wonders of the world, that can be seen from space as well. The cost of the reef is projected to $3.7 billion yearly towards the Australian economy through tourism and fishing. Almost 275 million people all over the world openly depend on the reefs for their sustenance and livelihood, forming nurseries for a quarter of the world’s fish, as per UN.

Further, this new funding has been considered as the one-time investment with huge amount towards the reef preservation and management in Australia’s history.


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