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Beauty regimes day and night to avoid dry skin

Beauty regimes day and night to avoid dry skin

To have dry skin is a completely different issue that every individual face. The reason behind this issue might be due to an inadequacy of moisture in your skin tone. Dry skin causes itchiness that sometimes turns out to be quite disturbing and irritating. As per the consultant Dr. Rupali Dutta, nutritionists,” The symptoms of having dry skin might be due to consumption of less healthy fats. However, this can be avoided or prevented by high consumption of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and antioxidant, as well intake of citrus fruits, green leafy vegetable.” Still, if one wishes to come out of this dry skin issue, there are some easy techniques. Just need to follow this day and night beauty process to get supple and radiant skin without any trouble.

Moving on, for day-time skin routines the first thing that one should always do is cleanse your face with cold water. Cleansing is a must, as you can avoid the breakouts, in case you have dry skin. After that wash your face by using a face wash, that suits as per your skin, to remove the dirt. The next step is toning the skin with rose water or by Aloe Vera gel, preferably an organic toner is good for the dry skin. Now apply moisturizer to your skin, face and neck area, this moisturizes your skin and provides hydration. In case if you are moving out and would like to go for makeup, make sure you use only those products that are hydrating in nature, and won’t leave a patchy mark on your face.

For night-time skin routines are before going to bed, is cleansing your face with face wash to get rid of all the dirt from your skin. In case of makeup, try using coconut oil to remove the makeup or any organic makeup remover, whichever is possible. The most important thing is exfoliating your skin, at least twice a week. This will help your skin to shed off the dead skin cells, in addition, this can be done by using brown sugar or coffee. And, now it’s time to apply night cream on your face with a thick layer. Well, hurry up and get used to this day and night regime to make your skin look best out of it.


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