Home Science Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s Atmosphere Skyrockets, Reaches the Highest-Recorded in 80000 Years

Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s Atmosphere Skyrockets, Reaches the Highest-Recorded in 80000 Years

Carbon Dioxide in Earth's Atmosphere Skyrockets, Reaches the Highest-Recorded in 80000 Years

According to the study conducted by Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere reached 410ppm (Parts per Million) last month. This not only increases the tensions regarding Global Warming but also conveys the threat of the planet. 410ppm is the highest amount of Co2 recorded in a period of 80000 years. Till the bloom of Industrial Revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide had not crossed the boundary of 300ppm, although the amount was fluctuating continuously. According to the records of carbon dioxide amounts kept since 1958, this is the first time that the monthly average has crossed the previous average.

Carbon Dioxide, along with many other gases, is considered one of the major reasons for Global Warming, and the increasing amount of solar radiation. A greenhouse gas by nature, Carbon Dioxide can make sure that solar radiation that hits the earth stays within the atmosphere instead of going outwards. This results in the increase of earth’s temperature, causing Global Warming. The increase of Co2 emissions is commonly attributed to the industrial revolution and the incessant consumption of fossil fuels. It is also one of the main reasons why environmentalists are recommending the use of solar power and other non-fossil-fuel-based energy resources.

As a result of the skyrocketing amount of Carbon Dioxide, the temperature in earth has increased in the past centuries, especially the past decades, when the industrialization became so common and ubiquitous. Even the under-developed countries are facing the problems of Co2 emissions in terms of temperature and more importantly air pollution. Ralph Keeling commented that the real cause of the increasing Co2 amounts is due to the use of fossil fuels itself, and nothing much else. There have been many efforts by philanthropists, social activists and environmentalists to fight against Global Warming, by advocating the removal of greenhouse gases and the shift to solar power.


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