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Dark Chocolates Boost Your Brain, Immune System, And Vision, As Per Studies

Dark Chocolates

As per the studies and research on dark chocolate, it suggests that dark chocolates boost your immunity system, brain, and eyesight. They have studied the scenario on experimenting the same on all these three things, praising a lot of this delicious treat.

Explaining each theory, the scientist first tested on one of the volunteers, allowing him to consume dark chocolate bar, of nearly 1.5 ounces, thereby studying his brain waves through E.E.G (Electroencephalography) machine that monitors the electrical activity of the brain. However, the gamma waves started increasing after 30 minutes, as per the researchers. These waves are related to neuro synchronization, its linked to the cognitive activity of processing memories. Neuro synchronization in other term known as neuroplasticity that explains the ability of the brain to change the thoughts and concepts.

On the other hand, a study was performed on participants to check the immune system by eating a dark chocolate bar, where researchers studied the blood flow system for a week to come to a conclusion. They analyzed a rise in anti-inflammatory markers, an upsurge in T cells, and infection-fighting cells that indicates positive sigh towards immunity system, Burk added.

One more study conducted on dark chocolates is boosting your vision, that was performed at JAMA Ophthalmology, a journal produced by the American Medical Association. There were two different test conducted, among 30 participants some were given dark chocolate bar and some milk chocolate bar. After few hours, they conducted a vision tests, that showed minor improvement in the vision those who consumed dark chocolate.

Well, it’s not yet clear, how dark chocolates relates to vision improvisation, it might be blood vessels in the eyes. Cacao content in the dark chocolate positively affects blood pressure and blood vessel function, and as per the researcher, dark chocolate lets the blood flow to the back of the eye in higher range thereby improving the eyesight.

However, it’s important to make a note, dark chocolates you eat include 70 percent of cacao, as they have researched on the same. Dark chocolates that taste bitter are those candy bar, which includes only 30 percent of sugar and milk.

In case one is thinking for opting dark chocolate for health purpose, better check the label, as most of them consist of 11 percent cacao, rest 89 percent is sugar and fat. In addition, Burk looks at this dark chocolate in a positive aspect that can help in treating dementia and autism in future. Chocolates can be considered as a medicinal product if consumed in an appropriate way.


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