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Debate on public restroom hand dryers spreading bacteria and paper towel, continues

As per the new studies, hand dryers at the public restrooms are spreading various bacteria whenever used. The device absorbs the bacteria through the air and leaves back when people dry their hands. Well, now the question is whether paper towel is more hygienic?

However, handwashing is an important aspect considered in our day to day health concern. The study published in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology journal, is more worried about the situation, particularly when it comes to handwashing. Anyways, as per the team, this is not the first time they are coming across this situation, related to effectiveness and safety of hand dryers.

Further, there has been a debate over hand dryer and paper towels, recently in the month of February, a student from microbiology posted a blog that focused on the image of a petri dish that was consisting of fungus and bacteria after using the hand dryer within three minutes. Arousing the debate on a paper towel and hand dryer for the experts, manufacturer as well the public. While hand dryer is more beneficial instead of leaving hands wet, that has more chances of spreading bacteria.

In 2012, the team thought of ending up the debate, by comparing multiple studies understanding the effectiveness and safety of hand dryer and paper towel. Both, hand dryer and paper towel are equally effective, but the only fact is paper towels implements on the environment in terms of waste of disposals and so on. Some preferred hand dryer more effective as compared to the paper towel as the best option to dry the hand when kept stable during drying, if you rub your hand this may result in bacteria.

However, after researching and analyzing the overall study, the team came to a conclusion that paper towels are efficient in removing bacteria. Hand dryers take time to dry hand and can have the chances of spreading bacteria on the higher side, whereas paper towel physically removes the bacteria. So as per the researchers, the only hygienic option in the health care to keep safe from bacteria is a paper towel.

There are end number of opinion coming around from various experts, one of them is from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital scientist, Dr. Amity Roberts, when the post went viral concluded that using air dryer is better than not washing your hands, or else one can get shifted to alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


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