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Facebook to Launch Clear History, A Button to Clear Your Browsing Data


While both the business world and tech world are waiting for F8 Conference by Facebook, its founder has a bit of an early news to announce. In a quite unexpected Facebook post via his official account, Zuckerberg has given hints about a feature that he is going to discuss in F8 Conference. According to the post, Facebook is in plans to launch a Clear History button, which can be used to clear all the browsing history from servers. However, the founder has also made some other things clear in the aforementioned post. He starts the post by talking about the option in web browsers to clear history.

The update has not been rolled out yet. However, when it rolls out, the users will have access to many types of information hitherto unavailable. For instance, users can know the data Facebook has regarding the sites they have visited and apps being used. More importantly, Facebook will be adding an option that allows you to turn off the recording of the data. That is, if you don’t want Facebook to collect data on the websites you are interacting with, it won’t do that. As he continues, the Clear History button will remove the information from the server.

Zuckerberg has also made some other announcements in the Facebook post, such as that he does not have enough answers for many questions raised by the Congress. In addition, he makes another comment on the impact of the Clear History button on the Facebook experience. The CEO made sure that the Facebook user experience would not be the same after using the clear history button, due to obvious reasons. He says that the feature is being added due to the privacy issues being raised and that he believes users should have such a control over their information.


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