Home Technology Fitbit’s new smartwatches will be available in just US$ 200

Fitbit’s new smartwatches will be available in just US$ 200

Fitbit’s new smartwatches will be available in just US$ 200

Fitbit’s smartwatches were not able to do business as per the company’s expectations, but this didn’t stop them to introduce new watches. The Fitbit Versa is the company’s third attempt to attract customers. Also, they are offering these devices at cheaper prices.

The Versa has attractive design and features at good prices. The devices offer full compatibility with Android apps that are much better than their other expensive products such as Fitbit Ionic. The Ionic was launched before five months. The new watch Versa will be available in April, for US$ 200.

The device offers same specifications as Apple watch, but in cheaper rate by US$ 50. Fitbit Ace will be launched with the Versa in just US$ 100. It is fitness tracker for kids and women.

Versa is new hope for the company to capture the market. The company is struggling to gather stock price and maintain the stock market. Whereas, Apple dominated the market as consumers are preferring their smart devices.

Fitbit Versa is thinner and less expensive with attractive design look alike of Pebble Time smartwatch for sport, fitness and general use. This is much better competition to the Apple watch.

The Versa has many advancements such as heartbeat rate monitoring, music storage, compatibility with many apps and water resistance up 50-meters. It is available in several colors such as black, silver, and gold. The company is introducing the new tools to track the health problems among women such as monitoring their menstrual cycle.

The Versa has depended upon Fitbit 2.0 OS that adds the feature of quick reply to a message for Android users. Fitbit Versa has a wider array to support apps such as Flipboard, Hue Lights, E*Trade, Nest, Weather, Starbuck, Strava, United Airline, Surfline, and Yelp.

Fitbit Versa offers some benefits to fitness such as daily and weekly fitness stats, along with historical data, tips, daily guidance, motivational messages, reminders and challenges, personalized workouts and automatic activity tracking, and 24/7 heart rate tracking.


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