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Flat Earthers Deny the Existence of Gravity and Possibility of Big Bang

Flat Earthers

Adding another statement to the controversy, Flat Earth theorists have now claimed that gravity does not exist, also denying the possibility of the Big Bang taking place. This comes as another statement that would reassure the reasons why the theorists are not interested in the statements put forward by science or those organizations like NASA. Despite the presence of scientific knowledge, evidences and even eyewitnesses — who in fact observed the round shape of earth from space —, the people who believe in Flat Earth theory are quite stern about their seemingly-rubbish claims.

Much to the surprise of the scientific world, many people had become part of the conference that had taken place in the UK. This meet-up had become a platform for the believers of the theory to put forward official reasons and provable reasons why they do not believe in the announcements of science but decides to stay with the belief that the earth is flat. In one of such sessions, one of the theorists had denied the existence of something considered the core of earth’s sustenance — gravity. The so-called research by the theorist says that gravity does not exist and that electromagnetism is the only force that has an impact on the earth.

In addition to the denial of gravity, there were also some claims made regarding the absence of what is now called the Big Bang. The meetup of Flat Earth supporters was indeed a big event, consisting of different stalls set up and a lot of merchandize being sold. As said earlier, some people truly believing in the cult, in spite of the fact that the Flat Theory does not have any scientific base, whatsoever. There are even different opinions among the believers. While some believe that the earth is like a disc, some people contend that it has a kind of roof-like shape as well.


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