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Google Chrome Takes a Stand against Autoplay Annoying Videos – Stop Them Now

One of the Tech giants of the world, Google is coming with a new update on its freeware web browser called Google Chrome. Yes, one of the most popular web browsers getting sensational with its new feature preventing websites from playing automatic annoying videos with sound. It means, now the pre-loaded videos and other related content that engages sound would be out of the list unless you precisely select the option to enable it.

Beside from being irritation, these autoplay videos are wholly responsible for consuming more data from your mobile and computer’s interest and also can slow down the typical browsing experience especially when you are on a mobile phone. Nobody wants to waste their data on some autoplay annoying videos.

Probably, that’s why Google came up with the new update which is due to ship to all the users in the coming days. The development of this freshest feature was into the process since last year but one can find some exceptions there.

These types of videos are permitted to run only when the media itself doesn’t have any sound, or when the viewer has shown his/her interest in the media. In this case, the interest of the users is determined by examining a lot of factors including the frequency of the video played by the users on the site before when browsing it from a desktop. If the user has tapped or might have clicked on that particular media screen during the browsing time or in case the user has voluntarily added that website to his home screen on the smartphone.

VentureBeat, the first to report about the arrival of the new version of Google Chrome, revealed that the results on YouTube were mixed. Some videos are shown with autoplay but it doesn’t make much difference because it’s the world’s largest video-based website.

However, the Google Chrome released in September 2008 also contains more granular control forms to permit the user to block any autoplay video permanently on any specific website domain. Thus any person could prevent the globe’s most popular video portal – YouTube.com or any other site from running audio launch automatically if he wants to.


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