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Google News to Soon Receive an Update, With Video Support and Better Speed

Google News to Soon Receive an Update, With Video Support and Better Speed

Expected to debut at Google I/O 2018, Google News will be receiving a major update, to the web interface as well as the Google Newsstand App. The expected makeover will change how Google News works for both the readers and the publishers, while some Google apps will be facing abandonment. It has been made clear that Google News will be receiving a brand-new app instead of the Google Play Newsstand. The idea is to get some more Google products into the game, thus enhancing the accessibility and inclusive nature of news content that is presented to the users. Combined with the ongoing efforts to beat fake news, Google seems to be in the real deal of news curation.

The backstory of these developments should cover Facebook’s decision to cut down the importance of news while giving more priority to personal updates on Facebook Newsfeed. This has put Google in a position that can enhance the visibility of news content and create a useful bridge between the audience and the publisher community. There have already been discussions between Google News and publishers, also leading to some tie-ups between publishers and proper measures to ensure that Google News shows credible content, from authentic sources.

Coming back to the update, the new Google News app will consist of video news content from YouTube. It’s going to be integrated with YouTube News that news videos can be rendered smoothly through the app. In addition to this, Google will be using its proprietary tech for enhancing the page loading speed. This will be a good update for text content since news articles can be launched and read more quickly. AMP Technology is going to play a big role in the overall rendering of news content in the brand-new app. Altogether, with a bunch of efforts to enhance content authenticity and options, Google News should really get better by I/O.


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