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Google open sources the AI tool to cater inspiring portrait mode in its Pixel 2 smartphones

Google open sources the AI tool to cater inspiring portrait mode in its Pixel 2 smartphones

Google has open-sourced the artificial intelligence tool that makes portrait mode more impressive especially designed for Pixel 2 smartphones. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones gave an imposing camera to all its customers.

Both the smartphones don’t have a dual camera but its portrait mode is heavy on all the devices having the dual feature. Portrait mode is one of the best feature of Google smartphones as it incorporates the technology of artificial intelligence.

Now, the company makes a good announcement of exhibiting AI toll for Pixel smartphones as an open source. Users can download, install and use the feature as per their convenience and usage. Google has made it an open source for its ‘semantic image segmentation model’ named as ‘DeepLab v3+’ and executed in Tensor Flow.

The blog posted by the company says semantic image segmentation implies assigning a semantic label like ‘sky’, ‘road’, and ‘person’ to every pixel image used while designing pictures for the feature. This can give a synthetic shallow depth-of-field effect for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones in the portrait mode.

The tool helps to identify and differentiate between people from the background when the camera is held in portrait mode. Later, users can blur the unwanted part of the image keeping the required part sharp and clear. The tool is the combination of artificial intelligence, convolutional neural network, and machine learning methods.

Other players including Samsung and Apple rely on dual cameras for using the portrait mode of the camera while the tech giant, Google made its way towards a different software in order to activate this mode on their smartphones.

This application might find its way in academics and huge industries to build newer and new flanged innovations, applications and technologies. Moreover, developers can integrate this application with a number of other applications to build an amazing new one.

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