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Huawei Working on a New OS to Replace Android

Despite producing a good selection of smartphone, in both budget level and flagship level, Huawei didn’t get a good grip on the US market. There were also assumptions regarding whether the license of Huawei to use Android would be at stake, causing the company to turn into something else. Probably with this possible bit in mind, Huawei has now started working on a brand-new Operating System, which would replace Android in a worst-case scenario. It means that, unless Huawei faces any serious issues from the US legal department, the manufacturer would stick onto Android itself. The sources behind the reports have something more to offer.

The development would be in light of the US government’s decision to ban ZTE from using US products and services. If the same fate is applied to Huawei, it won’t be able to use Android, and many other services, for that matter. In other words, developing its own Operating System would be a matter of existence for Huawei if the aforementioned situation occurs. That having said, there is no official comment from Huawei regarding the development of such an Operating System. Huawei also adds that it does not see the implementation of such an OS in the near-future.

However, the creation and implementation of a dedicated Operating System would be true problem for the future of the manufacturer. Shifting from Android to another platform would make it lose a lot of users, also accounting for other issues like the lack of advanced security and credibility. Also, the current flagships made by Huawei, such as the P20 Pro, are going to lose the shine if it ceases to run on Android. So, no matter how perfect the third-party OS could be, the shift from Android is going to be tough for Huawei, especially given the previous stories of manufacturers moving to their own platforms earlier.


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