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How To Index New Post On Google Within 1 Minute

We all want our post to be index on Google fast when we make a post so as to be competitive, The Google search console tool helps use in submitting post and also submit our blog link for safety and also it enables the visibility of or post on search engines but there are many steps to be taken and you must not copy and paste from other site and expect them to crawl your post within a day.

I believe you should be used to Google webmaster tools and you should have done necessary procedure which include adding site, verifying your blog or website to the Google search engine. If you haven’t done that I will leave you a quick procedure below:


Adding and verifying your website or blog to Google search engine it not a very lengthy step just follow the step by step tutorial and you will do just fine.
Step 1
First you need to visit google webmaster tools

Step 2
After log in to Google webmaster tools add your website click on add a property, then add your website or blog if you have not done that yet.

Step 3
then verify your blog in Google webmaster tools using html Meta tag, place meta tag in your site header tag after <head> and update code.
Step 4
If done then click the verify button on the Google webmaster tool you left behind and you should receive a message saying “your site have been added and verified” something related to that.
After you have successfully done that you should see sometime like this -:


Step 1
Now you need to ping your post in search engine, Submit your post url in Google Search console by clicking here

Step 2
Now you need to fill Captcha or check box saying am not a robot and submit showing in the screenshot image above.

Step 4
Just go to >> “http://pingomatic.com” submit your blog title, post url, click some web directories and submit.
For wordpress users I recommend you adding wordpress ping list to your blog that will save you time and you won’t worry about step 4 again, I have made a post on list of pings to use on your blog and how to setup it up.

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For Google blogger user I recommend you stay on pingo-matic regularly, if possible you can add an html code of different ping system to your blog.

With this your post should be visible on the Google search engine, also note that if this step is done to very post made daily your ranks tends to reduce fast, but there are other tips to consider before the your ranks can reduce fast.
I really appreciate comments on this post to give us feedback on how it helped you.

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