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How to indicate what type of template used in a Google blogger

As we all know Google owns a blogging platform named blogger which we refer to as google blogger here on caffinegeeks and will be sharing a tutorial on how to indicate what type of template used in a google blogger. Not to make this post to lengthy lets me go straight to the point.


Most template are created by people and some designed by individual owners of such blogs. I will be discussing both but first lets talk about templates  created by blogger designers.

How to indicate template created by blogger designers

Templates created by blogger designers tend to give their template a name for easy location on search engine the details about the template can be viewed with this little help

Note: most templates can either be premium or free for download let take a blog for example with the name “LINODEVIT.BLOGSPOT.COM”

Step 1:

Goto the blog http://linodevit.blogspot.com (is an example used )

If you are using  a computer or laptop right click your mouse scroll to “view source code”

Step 2: you can scroll down to where you see “template name”

Or you can use quick across to get there by pressing CTRL + F (used for finding on current homepage) and type “template name” it will take you to same image shown above as example.

The name given to such template is the authors template name he desired to call Is template. If you are lucky you may find such template on any search engine available to download if not free it can be premium like I said before.


How to indicate template created by individual blog owners

Templates created and designed by individual blog owners don’t really have that time to give their template name and cant be downloaded online only if such owner releases it for download but what type of blog owner who designed is template will like to release is designs for free after wasting time to create it. The only tips I can give to you to get such blog owner template on google blogger is for you to design the template yourself that’s stress right? Well the second option is for you to meet up with the blog owner and ask him if he can design such template for you but they always ask for a particular pay to get their template.

Example of such blogger that designed this template hisself is jide ogunsanya CEO of ogbongeblog  know most of you may know this blog you can contact him for is design.

If you not satisfied with that well you can get is style sheet and add it to your Google blogger and its done

Note: blog used here are only used for example we don’t bear any problem for copying and pasting such owners template they are only used are examples here to make you understand this post

Thanks for reading this wonderful post, we are waiting for your comments

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