Home Business launching of the new BMW iX3 teaser unveils its electric SUV design

launching of the new BMW iX3 teaser unveils its electric SUV design

launching of the new BMW iX3 teaser unveils its electric SUV design
BMW has revealed it’s launching of new fully electric SUV, iX3, at Beijing Auto Show 2018, ensuring certain development in the iconic kidney grille.

The new BMW iX3, is no more a secret, before the launch, a group of BMW revealed the launching of new iX3 fully electric SUV in the coming week at China, Beijing Auto Show 2018 from April 24th. Sharing the images of car’s new grille online as well as video by the German car manufacturer. However, the BMW will be celebrating its first debut globally of its fully electric SUV on April 25th.

Further, it has shown up development in the BMWs iconic kidney grille, the essential updates over all the BMW cars. Have come very far, from the vertical bars made up of metal to the tight hexagonal structure that involves a glossy black panel that has been placed over the below portion. Along with the grille that has something to do with it in the mid that doesn’t allow them to split in to two different parts, it’s something you can see coming up from the old look of BMWs.

Moving ahead, the chairman of the Board of Management Harald Kruger, BMW AG, already declared the launch of iX3 in the month March, 2018. Well, in addition he shared the introduction of number of fully electric car, which will be presented in various series over the year, such as the first all-electric BMW iX3.

However, that’s not the end, he has further announced at Geneva, new technology flagship BMW iNEXT, an eye catching BMW I Vision Dynamics the BMW i4. More information on the iX3 is limited but soon will towards the range of EV that will captivate the Audi E-Tron Quattro. Consisting of the combustion engine of X3 SUV, but has some exceptional features with an exclusive designing language to confirm the differentiation between both the models.

Meanwhile, productivity of the ready SUV version has right now been on hold and will be debuted in 2020, till then there won’t be any moves. Few of the names that BMW has trademarked for the preface iX1 to iX9, which is considered to be the name of its new electric SUV range. Carmakers has already revealed one more concept for the X7i that has been huge hybrid powered SUV.


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