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LG G7 ThinQ Speaker to Come with 10x Sound

LG, the Korean manufacturer known for home appliances as well as mobile devices, has been teasing their brand-new LG G7 ThinQ for quite some time. Recently, we had seen the teasing of its super-bright display with a maximum power of 1000 nits. Not putting to an end to it, LG has today teased its powerful speakers, which promise to deliver 10x louder sound than the industry standard. It is called Boombox Speaker and user community can expect an overwhelming increase of the base sound of the speaker. LG adds that, in practical sense, this would contribute to a sound level of 10x the normal.

Although the teaser has been kept as short as possible, the upcoming feature seems impressive enough. For starters, it comes with better sounds and bass boosting as well. LG points out that the speaker would boost the overall bass when you place the device on a flat surface. For those who listen to a lot of music on a single day, this is going to be an awesome addition indeed. Instead of dedicating a particular area, LG G7 ThinQ is making use of the whole device body for sound reproduction, which accounts for the up-to-10x sound boost.

Despite the teaser and the comments by LG, it is still a matter of doubt how LG G7 ThinQ Boombox Speakers perform in real life, in comparison to the other devices in flagship line. In addition to the firing speakers, LG has also used the advanced technology in the headphones department. The G7 would not only retain those traditional headphone jack but also would offer Hi-Fi Quad DAC for boosting the overall sound. It also packs DTS:X, which is introduced to the smartphone department for the first time. This tech makes sure that users enjoy high-quality surround sound, regardless the headphones being used.


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