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Mice carry bacteria hazardous to human health causing intestine infection, New York City

Stuart Little is a children’s novel by E.B. White, which is recognized as a classic in children’s literature, that presents an eponymous mouse staying happily in the family of New York City. Dr. Ian Lipkin has a question whether cohabiting mouse can lead to health issues.

It was further decided by Dr. Ian Lipkin and his colleagues to investigate this matter, at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. They collected mice from all over the New York City to check whether these mice are really hazardous to health or carry any dangerous bacteria or germs.

Well, it has been reported that nearly 416 mice were being tested from around seven sites, as published in two of the papers in the journal mBio, as per the researchers. Analyzing in-depth, they found out that some mice carry a different type of viruses, but the point is these viruses are not related to human disease. Whereas, in some, they found a high amount of bacteria that can cause sickness, that might lead to intestinal infection as well, including Clostridium difficile, Salmonella and Shigella.

While few of these illnesses are actually life-threatening and can lead to serious health problems, however, some that were found with bacteria can be cured by antibiotics.

Furthermore, it has not been specifically mentioned that mice carry dangerous health issues, so no need of overreacting on this situation, meaning whenever they see mouse. Anyways, one should always protect themselves from this situation, as per Lipkin. This doesn’t mean to keep a mouse at home as shown in the movie Stuart Little, who served as a chief scientific consultant, the only thing is they are dangerous for causing human disease.

Moreover, Lipkin says there are certain ways to keep yourself safe by closing the holes through which the mice can enter your house or apartment, keeping the food closed, wherever there are chances getting the mouse in contact with food. No food should be consumed that has been polluted by mouse by any chance.

Almost all the researchers believe that animals do spread diseases, well these are interesting points to know and study as per James Childs, Yale School of Public Health.


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