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Mistakes blogger makes while chasing traffic for irrelevant contents

What we have here today is mistakes in which most bloggers makes while blogging on any platform you may think about in this post. I have made this content easy to understand for every blogger interested in correcting there mistakes, am not saying am prefect but they should consider this post a way of improving.


The number of blogs created daily nowadays maybe estimated closed ten thousands(10,000) in the world, we bloggers may create blog because we heard most people are making money in blogging but when you come to think of it, it’s not just all about making money while blogging you have to choose a suitable domain, niche and what you want to blog about daily on your blog. All this things need to be considered before creating a blog on any niche. I was once in this position before but I had to do my research because am very good at doing research daily and correcting my mistakes that’s why this content could be made.


I did not say you should not stop chasing traffics to your content but should also focus on your content development by creating relevant, unique content with good keywords that are related to your niche, when I mean unique content it simply means creating most of your content yourself and also asking your viewers/ visitors what they want to see on your blog (viewers opinions) and using quality keywords on your blog so as to get noticed on search engine.


What am trying to say is you creating content brings visitors and not just only post try to add images to such post to make it look understandable for reading, I also noticed most bloggers are good at mixing two to three different niche on one blog that might get your visitors confused why they should visit your blog next time. Example of such mixing of niche is “entertainment bloggers adding tech or school blogging” to their blog just to get traffics.

If you stay on a particular niche search engines tend to crawl the blog because it is organized in a way the visitor will be happy they visited. Your content should meet a searcher’s readiness to commit. Give them what they are looking for and offer a call-to-action that will gradually move them closer to becoming a customer. Align the SEO content you create to the intent of the searcher. Make sure you deliver what the searcher is seeking. Google will thank you for it—in the form of rankings.


Thanks for creating time to read this post, please try to give time to drop a tip In the comment box if am wrong, we all are learning.

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