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NASA Paying More Towards Less Cargo Delivery At The Space Station


As per the new analysis, NASA will be paying a higher amount for its commercial cargo delivery towards the International Space Station in the year 2020, despite relaxing towards cost savings. Paul Martin, the space agency’s inspector general, NASA will be spending $400 million extra on the contract between 2020 to 2024 though it will be increasing by 6 tons of cargo. It means, as per the calculation, it indicates 14 percent growth if we consider cost on per kilogram.

The reason behind this increase is, 50 percent rise in prices from SpaceX, that has implemented NASA commercial cargo activity along with   Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft. Orbital ATK and SpaceX are anticipated to fly around 31 supply mission from 2012 and 2020, considered to be the first stage to pass this contract. Moreover, SpaceX has planned to complete its 20 flight that will be priced per mission $152.1 million and Orbital ATK to complete 11 missions, per mission costing $262.6 million.

However, NASA will be receiving more competence, that involves higher volume for a pressurized cargo. This will actually reduce the count of flights and therefore lessen the time needed by scientists to snatch, loading, unloading cargo resupply spacecraft. In addition, the space assistance will include three suppliers rather than two, that will deliver high flexibility if in case one out of the three providers meets with an accident or some other issues that will be responsible in delaying the capability to fly.

While the report is not at all a bad news for the SpaceX, when compared with the prices, inspector general mentioned SpaceX should obtain credibility for the ability to return cargo to Earth, an ability which Orbital ATK’s Cygnus spacecraft don’t have. Moreover, the company included NASA, related to lowering costs towards the launching, thereby moving towards the expansion of the Falcon 9 rocket.

Well, there is a belief this competition has been contributed to lowering the prices for the launch of NASA, as per the report.



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