Home Technology New update of Firefox will help to avoid annoying notifications

New update of Firefox will help to avoid annoying notifications

New update of Firefox will help to avoid annoying notifications

Do the notifications annoy you? Want to get rid of pesky notification? Google’s Chrome and Firefox both are working to avoid these notifications. Recently, Chrome has enabled site blocking feature.

But, blocking site cannot help to avoid the notifications as every site that forwards notification cannot be blocked. So the solution of Firefox can be helpful. The browser asks to change the setting and sends the push notification rather than normal one.

The Firefox has recently released an update ‘Firefox 59’ that has a feature to replace notifications with the push notifications. Additionally, the user can block access to location and hardware too. The settings can reduce and make the internet browsing easy.

These improvements will make the page loading faster and browsing upgrade can identify referral links. This update is the solution for the users who hate the annoying advertisements and notifications that pop-up on the page.

Push notifications can be easily avoided and browsing internet will be easy than notifications and the opening of the new tab while searching. Some sites that always need the information to give the access. Due to a new update, this will be easy to avoid and sharing information with every site.

The update has been released on Tuesday that will help the user to deny access to particulars such as location, camera, and hardware access. From this update, the browser will allow the user to give permission, if they trust the website then the user can change settings. Additionally, the user can select some website with them they want to share information and selected website will be blocked to access details and send notifications.

The setting is under the Firefox and preferences, their use will be able to allow the settings particularly to Camera, Locations, Microphone, and Notifications.

Firefox has promised to offer better and faster service. This update will reduce the buffer time and open pages faster than another browser.


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