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Once again Tesla is shutting down its production of Model 3

Tesla is time being shutting down its production allowing their employee to go on vacations or be at home as per their wish. While this particular situation is arising second-time where the company supposes to shut down for three months to cover up its scheduled of lacking behind for the vehicles that are important. Few days’ back Elon Musk CEO of Tesla shared of being positive towards the potentiality of speeding up the production of the vehicles that have been lined up for the Model 3 company’s Fremont, California, but has been temporarily closed down once again.

While this announcement for pausing the production of Model 3 was all of a sudden without any prior notice, shared by one of the employees from Tesla with the BuzzFeed News. In addition, they have to stay at home or go on vacation without any payment at the time of pause. Provided Tesla is offering few of its employees paid work somewhere else in other company for time-being. The manufacturing process is paused particularly to improvise the automation, as mentioned by the Tesla spokesperson.

However, in the month of February Tesla had closed down the Model 3line, as per Bloomberg. This pause was specially to increase the production output, and so these are very common situation appearing in the production sector. Employees yet coming out of the February pause, they receive an email from Senior Vice President of Engineering Doug Field, that mentions, workers, asked to work for extra hours on the Model 3 so that the output can be increased and to realize the Tesla critic repent over their views or challenges against the company. Meanwhile, few employees working on the Model S and X lines are informed about the operation that will continue throughout all the weekends for the month June, shared with BuzzFeed News, by an employee currently working with Tesla.

Tesla not meeting its production goal has been a major problem for the company. The first quarter of 2018, as per Musk, the company was supposed to manufacture 2500 cars but could make only 2000 by April first week, and now, again the production has been paused.

However, Tesla’s has currently targeted of manufacturing 5,000 cars per week by end of the second quarter, anyways 5,000 per week was initially been its year-end goal for the year 2017.


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