Home Technology Pokemon Go Addiction Used for Crowdsourcing AR Maps, Says Niantic

Pokemon Go Addiction Used for Crowdsourcing AR Maps, Says Niantic

Pokemon Go Addiction Used for Crowdsourcing AR Maps, Says Niantic

Many companies are spending a lot of money and resources to capture Augmented Reality map data across the world. Niantic — the company behind the addictive game Pokémon Go — has a different idea, however. The company has revealed that when they wanted to create a 3-Dimensional Augmented Reality maps, they wanted to crowdsource the project. And, as expected, Niantic will be using the Pokémon Go app to collect a huge amount of map data from different parts of the globe. What needs to be noted here is that Niantic is in plans to extend the gameplay into environment instead of focusing solely on the character.

The execution of this mapping project is quite efficient, at least in the first look. Cameras of the phones will be used to capture the AR 3D maps via the Pokémon Go app. It means that while players are into the game, map data will be collected. In the course of time, the app has been able to attract users across the globe and the number seems promising as far as the mapping of public places are concerned. When the mapping has been done, Niantic will have a collection of AR Maps, consisting of the public places from different parts of the world.

Niantic has made clear that the company does not want to keep the data proprietary. On the other hand, a lot of third-party developers will have access to this data, which can be used for the overall development of AR-based apps and technologies. The company, however, has not unveiled further details about the process, such as the launch time or the exact working process. It has not addressed the privacy concerns, either, since the process involves the use of individual smartphone cameras. Niantic has been acquiring some firms from the AR side to boost this tech, though.

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