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Potential Ebola Outbreak in Congo

Potential Ebola Outbreak in Congo

According to the official statement from the health ministry of the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is a confirmed Ebola outbreak in the northwest region. According to the stats, two cases have been confirmed by now, bringing the death toll to up to 17. The official statement has also made clear that the Ebola outbreak is a national health emergency that requires proper care and treatment and support from others. Preceding the official confirmation of the outbreak, hemorrhagic fever was reported in around 21 people, 17 of which succumbed to death. As of now, the confirmation is from official sources.

As far as the confirmation is concerned, five samples were collected and sent to the National Institute of Biological Research, whose result confirmed that two of the samples had Ebola virus. That having said, it has to be noted that all the 21 reported people were having Ebola virus. Those 21 people were reported with a kind of Hemorrhagic fever, but it is not necessarily Ebola. Further research and study is required to confirm if all the reported cases were of Ebola virus. According to trusted sources, Ebola is an easily spread disease that uses bats as an effective medium for sustenance of the virus.

According to the words of Reuters, “Ebola is believed to be spread over long distances by bats, which can host the virus without dying, as they infect other animals with which they share trees, such as monkeys. Ebola often spreads to humans via infected bush meat”. Despite the availability of a vaccine for preventing the further spreading of the virus, mortality rate caused by the same is beyond the expectations. So, Congo is now under proper care to make sure that the disease stays within the limit and that the reported cases are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.


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