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We at caffinegeeks.com, the privacy of our visitors is critically important to us. In this policy, we include the information on facts that are being collated and verified by caffinegeeks.com, as well the processing structure.

For any query or information related to our privacy policy, please feel free to get in touch with us at contact@caffinegeeks.com

Assembling Data

caffinegeeks.com team conducts a special task to gather the data related to our clients in a very spectacular manner. Step by step followed as below:

Updates on the latest activities: That involves information on the activities performed at the time of collecting the managerial data, IP address, ongoing transactional activities, surfing category, and identifying the geographical location. This particular activity captures the information every time the user browses this site may be through a mobile device or personal computer.

Particulars disclosed: This section comprises your email address, name, zip code, gender provided by you to receive latest updates on daily news and notification.

Third party involvement for data usage: Various technologies are being used in collecting or tracking the information that helps them in collating and restoring the data related to your daily activities accessed on the website. While caffinegeeks.com is far away from such technologies, in fact, they never thought of attempting this technology.

Our technologies in finding data: caffinegeeks.com, enables to track information by gathering data from browser cookies, pixels and web beacons few names to know. The facts collected here are pertaining to various web pages that have been browsed, and queries related to search method.

Collection of data from various sources: Besides the above procedure, more often the data that is assembled is through social media sites or working partners which is readily available.


We at caffinegeeks.com, the information accumulated from and related to you is preferably implemented through safe method, considering your security and safety of nondisclosure of information, variation, misuse or loss or even robbery. Still, 100 percent assurance is not possibly provided by our end.

Data accessing and controlling:

In case you want to do any changes you need to fill up the request form that includes your particulars such as name, email address, contact number and leaving up with a message, for alterations purpose, updates or restrict some info, or if you would like to analyse the information provided on the website about you. Well, before updating any future change these things will be considered on priority basis.

Utilization and Releasing the data:

The main goal behind gathering the information about you or taken from you is to improvise our websites, various characteristics, that can help us in providing current updates and information related to your interest, to make you more familiar with the content we have shared thereby retorting to your inquiries and feedbacks. Well, your name will not be disclosed anywhere on this website by any chance, so as to share the same with the third party in rare cases.

Basic information can be shared in other cases up to a certain limit:

Integration or schedule to sell out the assets:  caffinegeeks.com, in case it’s planning out to sell partly or wholly or thinking of merging or assigning some part of its business or selling out the asset or transferring, in some cases, we share the information collated from you to the third party.

To sustain the conversation: In certain occasion, our website may send some notification related to the site, this may be your choice to continue with it or exit from the mailing list, up to certain limit.

Management of our website: Data collected can be shared with the service providers of the third party so that it can be helpful in monitoring the site in a better way.

Protecting caffinegeeks.com: In some situation, we may be asked to share your data in unescapable circumstance, so in order to protect ourselves from theft and frauds, securing the confidentiality of the users, we are bound to follow the legal procedures.

Major points to be considered:

Associated Services: As compared to other sites, caffinegeeks.com which is connected to sites that offer applications, newsletters, contents and other functionalities.  It is advisable for our viewers to glance at the privacy policy of other companies once they exit from our website.

Sensitive facts: Not a single viewer is asked to share his personal information that is confidential, may be through a website or by any means. This might be related to health, criminal background, social or political surroundings or some other religious associations.

Storing data: We at caffinegeeks.com can sustain your personal information as long as we can until their basic requirement is being fulfilled. So here the readers have to make a note that due to certain terms, financial, contractual or some legal restriction it is not possible for them to eliminate the data gathered by us.

Recent updates of privacy policy: Time to time updates will be provided on the website along with the required changes.

Contact Us

For any query related to our company’s Privacy Policy, please get connected with our team to assist you in resolving your queries: privacy@caffinegeeks.com