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Research Says that Clouds of Uranus Smells like Rotten Egg

The latest research has found out that Uranus, the member of solar system, has clouds that have the same smell of rotten eggs and farts. While it sounds mysterious enough, the researchers have pointed out that the presence of hydrogen sulfide is causing the odor. Patrick Irvin, who co-authored the study, also added that the bad odor would make it tough for human beings if they were to launch an expedition to Uranus. In spite of this, scientists are quite excited and optimistic regarding the presence of hydrogen sulfide that has been present in the core atmosphere of Uranus.

Gemini North Telescope Hawaii, one of the most advanced infrared/optical telescopes available today, was used to analyze the traces of hydrogen sulfide among the clouds of Uranus. The study was carried out by a group of researchers from University of Oxford, who also belong to Jet Propulsion Laboratory by NASA. The research has shown a lot of light to the bunch of suspicions regarding the presence of Hydrogen Sulfide in the clouds of Uranus. Some scientists and researchers believe that this discovery would be helpful in finding out some of the mysteries of universe.

The suspicion regarding the presence of the bad-odor gas isn’t new to the world of science. Even the NASA was estimating the same, but the puzzle has now been solved with this scientific attribution, says Glenn Orton from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA. That having said, the presence of most of the hydrogen sulfide is not in the form of saturated vapor. According to the study, as calculated using the Gemini, it was found out that an amount between 0.4 to 0.8 parts per million of the gas can be found inside the layer of cloud, in the form of ice.
However, despite the lower amount of H2S, the existing amount on the cloud layer would be enough for the foul smell to be present.


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