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Scientist have developed a device to record brain activity of flying bats

Recently, a research team of John Hopkins University has found out a way that can record the brain movement of a flying bat. While interrogating about this study, they focused on the roving animals brain activity, especially when it concentrates or distracts its attention. The first team to find out brain activity of a flying animal wirelessly.

Through this innovative stand, we are able to observe what actually is going on in the brains of naturally performing animals, without creating any restraints at the laboratory. As far as the brain is concerned it’s almost same as compared with all the mammals, that includes humans as well, shared by the publishers of journal eLife today. They have actually focused on what are the activities that occur in the brain when we are moving around the world.

Meanwhile, if you would like to know or understand the working of brain in an actual world, all you need to do is to have an animal that moves around the world in a natural manner, as mentioned by co-author Melville Wohlgemuth, a student of postdoctoral studies. Well, moving on, this attempt of investigating the brain activity wirelessly is completely unique, till now no one has thought of implementing this idea to understand how the animals sense and react at a particular activity.

Scientists had to develop a wireless device that consists of light-weight, allowing the bats to function normally. However, it took many years to develop this device by teaming up with outside engineering firm. This device was used to detect the environmental behavior of the bats as they fly. Bats recognize the objects in the surrounding based on the echo, by producing a highly frequented sound that would bounce off the objects allowing them to listen to the echoes.

However, the research team finally located a point to determine the neural activity pattern. They observed that when the bat is focusing on an object there is a slight eruption of some activity in the midbrain cells, that basically happens in every human when suddenly you divert your attention. These findings have been the biggest achievement for the authors, hence thinking of using this technique in the future studies.


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