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Tips for Affordable Website promotion through Article writing (SEO)

Article writing is making a prefect article for your audience, SEO is not complete without you and for you to accomplish this task on your site you need to keep working be Constance in article publishing.
SEO is not all about setting up the back end of your site but your also your front end needs much work and your loading speed is very important too.

SEO is complicated and too wide you can’t be 100% sure of your site SEO because SEO is a long term work and it requires your attention and devotion too. And for some webmasters who understand much about blog/ website SEO are always working ahead so as to keep their site ranking.

1) Quality keyword research before building your own website, the first thing you need to focus is to find the most searched keywords in your niche and to find the relevant topic to that keyword. E.g. If you choose acne niche for your new website then you must further drill down to find the most searched keywords which are also less competitive in nature.
Focus on solving specific kinds of problems faced by people in your niche. E.g. “remedies for back acne” is more focused keyword and rather much specific problem faced by people. You can use popular keyword research tools provided by Google and Yahoo for your research.
Once you find the right keyword then you can easily perform the content research by gathering basic facts and figures required to produce your website content. Gather relevant information from high respected websites in your niche. This will give your articles much more authority from the search engine perspective.

2) Quality Article writing To enhance the effectiveness of your articles, your articles must include keywords at right places like in your article title, the first paragraph, the conclusion part and article summary. The acceptable keyword density is 2-3% according to latest search engine algorithm changes. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is another SEO tactic which must be incorporated in your every article.
Your article must contain minimum 400-500 words for maximum search engine exposure and to improve the overall content quality of your article. There are other less known SEO factors which you can research on the Internet to further improve the efficiency of your articles.

3) Effective article submission strategy today there are literally thousands of article directories available on the internet. Your first task is to identify the most popular and the search engine friendly article submission sites. Do not waste your time on submitting your content to less effective websites. You must focus on the article directories which have already established loyal reader base and search engine spiders must regularly visit these sites.

You can use article submission service offered by popular and reliable SEO content submission service providers in order to reduce your submission time and to gain faster search engine exposure.

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