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Trump And Macron Sharing The Best Buddies Despite The Battle Over Iran

Trump And Macron

Building up a fine line of best buddy’s relationship with over exaggerating handshakes and kisses between President Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron French President, even though both are battling to bridge transformations over Iran and Syria issues, an Associated Press, Washington.

The French President Emmanuel Macron, made the first official state visit at Trump White House, crowing with a lavishing dine, Tuesday night. However, in their conversation Trump holding himself firm on the criticism over the past and ongoing American activities in Iran and other parts of Middle East. Indeed, letting his views open in front of the French President, appealing to continue with the participation of Syria, as well honestly uttering the discussion of negotiating with the new agreement of Iran.

Further, considering the withdrawal of the US, from the nuclear agreement of Iran, he decided to issue a notice in contradiction of resuming its nuclear activities, mentioning ” They will be suffering more problem than they have ever thought of before”

Donald Trump shared about his friendship with Macron, in the beginning, it was just for an evidence to bring a bonding between two nations. Moreover, his thankful to French leader for quick partnership during the recent missile strike responding towards the Syrian attack.

Trump feels the honor to invite Emmanuel Macron, after knowing that he would be a legend of France. While expressing the in-depth of their friendship, Trump shared “he would get off the little piece of dandruff from Macron suit jacket”, making him more appealing.

The main focus lies on, Macrons Tuesday night, dinner at White House, in the presence of more than 130 guests, served with nectarine tart and rack of lamb, enjoying along with the performance by Washington National Opera. Touring in a helicopter with their wives at the Washington landmark on the previous night, dining at Potomac River home of George Washington in Mount Vernon, Virginia.

Macron shares with the reporters, they will take care of the Iran deal from a wider objective, along with the circumstance running around in Syria. With mutual objective, confirming no increase and ban towards the nuclear explosion in that region, finding out the perfect way to get away from this situation, he added.


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