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7 most effective ways to increase your Domain Authority and rank higher on search engines

Every serious blogger’s dream is to always get constant traffic and for his/her blog  to be recognized by top search engines such as google and others like bing,yahoo.

To be able to get this recognition by this top search engines, there are many factors that come into play, and one of them is what is called domain authority. Now people will ask, what is a domain authority?

What is a Domain Authority

Domain authority  simply  means a system of grading or scoring  which was developed my moz which calculates how a website will be ranked on search engines such as google. The overall grading is from 1-100,this means that if your website is between 1-30, you might never be ranked  high on search engines such as google, but if your website is between the scores of 60 and above, then you will be ranked high by google.

It is necessary that you work towards increasing your domain authority ranking, because with google’s new algorithm only websites with high domain authority score are to be ranked high on there specific keywords.

Now you might begin to ask, what then is page authority?

What is a Page Authority

Page authority is a system which was also developed by moz to estimate how high a webpage will be ranked on search engines.

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Now that you have known what a domain and a page authority means, the next thing that comes to your mind is how you can be able to check for the DA/PA ranking of your site and how to improve it if it is low.

How to check for your DA/PA ranking

Checking your websites ranking often, is always necessary, because it is how you know whether you would be ranked high in search engines or not. Checking your DA/PA twice in a month is advice-able.

To check your DA/PA;

  • Click here
  • Then you enter your website’s URL and click the search icon.

How to increase your Domain Authority

Increasing a domain authority is not as easy as it may seem, it would involve a lot of hard work and dedication, but if you really want to get your website ranked high by search engines, then you will have to do it. There are many factors which are considered before your site is ranked high by moz, but the most important ones are these;

Create quality and linkable contents

Being able to rank high on search engines require tons of traffic before your website can be able to move up, and there is only one main way to get those kind of traffic and that is by writing great contents.

Like you already know  ‘content is key’ for all online marketers and bloggers, because that is the only way for you to attract visitors to your blog and also keep them.

When creating your posts, make sure they are well articulated, and with at least two or more infographics, charts or images which also talks about what you are writing. When other top websites see that your blog posts are well articulated and researched they would always like to link back to your site.

Generate back-links from top websites

Another important factor which is considered before your site is ranked high by moz is the amount of quality back-links which comes to your blog.

Most of the bloggers, especially the new ones do not consider back-links, all they care about is sharing on social media, which is definitely a wrong approach. For you to be ranked high, you have to have top notch sites in your niche linking back to you.

Getting back-links through guest posting from top sites can be very hard nowadays due to too much cases of spams, but you can still give it a try, because it is an important criteria for you to be ranked high by moz.

Have a strong internal linking strategy

One of the best ways to be ranked high by moz, especially on page authority is to have a strong internal linking of your own contents.

Inter-linking your posts on your website makes it look more of a connected and strong network, which makes it very easy for search engines to crawl on it and get it ranked easily.

Most people make mistakes in there internal links a lot, all you have to do is create links where necessary and avoid overcrowding your page with unnecessary links which will end up making that particular web page look disorganized.

Regularly remove bad links

Search engines like google frown at websites with many bad or broken links, and this will make your website never to rank high on such search engines.

It can be very frustrating, but you can make out time to go through all your posts links and check for the broken ones in order to remove them. If you are a WordPress blog/website owner, then you can use specified plugins to automatically clean all broken/unwanted links.

Always write SEO friendly contents

Writing contents which are SEO optimized  is very important for your website to get a good domain authority score. Moz specifically made it clear,that for any website to get a good DA ranking, its contents must be highly SEO optimized.You can also consider optimizing your robot.txt file.

Post good contents often

Posting often on your blog is what brings traffic to your site. It can be stressful to write and publish good contents regularly, but to get a good DA/PA ranking you have to be publishing atleast once or twice in two days or in one day.This is because, the more often you publish, the more traffic you get and the more your blog grows and search engines uses all this criterias to place you high up in there rankings.

Be patient 

For some people, waiting is not there kind of thing and they would start looking for alternative means to get fast results and only end up destroying the good work they have already started due to lack of patience, but my advice is that after you have carried out all the above steps then just watch, as time goes on, as you are checking for your DA/PA ranking, you would see your grading going high.


IF all this steps are taken in no time, your website would be scoring high in terms of DA/PA and find its way to the top of search engines.

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