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7 Powerful Non-SEO Reason For Traffic through Guest Posting

There is a lot to achieve in guest posting, I have been guest posting on blogs that accept guest post, and I have seen many difference around my blog.. the truth about guest post is that you don’t need to seo contribution to do it, all you need is to locate a blog with high traffic then yours and try to writing a catchy article not just writing catchy article but also answering comments found in the post.

My first experience in writing guest post exposed me in improving my writing skill and length of words.

Let me show you most of my guest post I made-:

How ro get good traffic from linkedin

13 amazing place go visit in nigeria

basic seo keyword guide

how to use laptop as wifi hotspot

This opened my eyes to the potential of hosting guest posters on my blog, you can start your first guest post on caffinegeeks guest post

7 Powerful Non-SEO Reason For Traffic through Guest Posting

#1: Get Your Name Known
When you guest post on a major blog in your niche, you instantly boost your authority and credibility: your writing has been featured somewhere impressive.
At the very least, guest posting on several blogs in your niche will get your name recognised. It allows you to get your work in front of a new audience … and it can also impress big-name bloggers. However, to even be considered by other blogs, your writing needs to be of high quality and value to their audiences. Earn the opportunity and earn the authority.
#2: Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog
Guest posting will bring in traffic: not just any traffic, but quality, targeted traffic (if you appear on a blog with a similar topic and audience to yours).
This traffic can turn into qualified leads: people who are a good fit for your products or services.
Check with the hosting blog about what you can and can’t include in your bio at the end of the post, in
terms of linking to your own site.
#3: Build Your Email List
If you direct guest post readers to a sign-up incentive, you’ll quickly grow your email list … giving you a
ready-made base of potential customers to promote your products to.
Some bloggers link to a “landing page” for their newsletter in their bio, and you may even want to customize this so you have different versions for the different blogs you’re guest posting for.
#4: Network with Other Bloggers in Your Niche
While commenting on blogs can be a way to build a relationship with a blogger, the best way to impress
someone quickly is to send them a great guest post.
This provides real value for them (content their readers will love … that they didn’t have to write
themselves!) and the power of reciprocity means they’ll be more likely to do you a favour in the future.
Bonus points if you take the time to get to know the blogger and their audience, and check if they actually accept guest posts, rather than cold pitching them.
#5: Open Doors to New Opportunities
I mentioned before that one of the first guest posters on ProBlogger landed a dream job as a result. You
never know who might read a guest post (or who might be impressed by seeing your name on a major
Guest posts also offer social proof: on your website, you can name the blogs you’ve written for – which
could impress a new reader enough to get them to stick around. You may even want to use some of your guest posts as a writing portfolio, especially if you’re looking for freelance work.
#6: Improve Your Writing Skills
when you don’t yet have many readers on your own blog, it can feel like the tumbleweed is blowing past: no-one’s commenting, and certainly no-one’s pushing you to create your best work. By guest posting, you give yourself more opportunities to write … the more you do so, the better your
writing will become. You may also get feedback from the blogger (or blog editor) you’re writing for: this can really help you grow as a writer.
#7: Develop Your Ideas
As you put your ideas in front of different, larger audiences, you’ll get feedback. Some of this may be
negative or critical, but in my experience, the vast majority of blog comments are positive.
If you get lots of positive feedback about a particular post, perhaps it contains an idea that you’ll want to
develop further (maybe even as an ebook or ecourse). Or maybe you’ll get a comment that offers a
different perspective – one you’d not considered before – or a way to deepen your work.
All guest posts will bring some benefit … but you may even find that one particular post is a
game-changer for you.


The above reason have given you good reason why you should try guest posting, in case you’ve been skimming: SEO isn’t the only reason to guest post. There are a whole host of benefits to guest posting, whether you’ve just started blogging or whether you’ve been doing it for years.

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