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Alexa Isn’t Seeing My Backlinks What Can I Do?

Alexa Bot isn’t very effective in finding backlinks, this is one of the reasons why many websites doesn’t have any Alexa backlink. I have a site with about 128 backlinks on Moz but with only 1 on Alexa. For months no other link could be detected, this got me frustrated and annoyed. Ironically, my new blog (less than a month) with only few external links got 20 backlinks.

Recently, I had to sit down and think deep that why is Alexa not seeing my external links. Luckily, I got the answer myself. There are 3 factors why Alexa may not see ones link which I will discuss briefly below.

Site Isn’t Integrated With Alexa Metric

Although, there is no solid evidence to prove this. However, I noticed that sites with Alexa premium subscription will always be favoured by Alexa Bot. Therefore, making backlinks visible faster and easily. If you are having this promo, adding Alexa Code on your site will help you to solve this problem.

Using Null Themes

Null Themes are free version of a paid theme with restricted features. One of my friend told me that there are many malicious null themes outside there nowadays. They make a very quick redirection to the site of their choice once installed, thereby, stealing your hard earned backlinks. I noticed this to be true when reading the source of one of the most null popular theme. If you can’t code a new theme, kindly use a free version provided by your Content Management System Not pinging Backlinks

If you see that your backlinks are taking a very long time before being visible on Alexa, the best thing you can do is to ping them by submitting the URLs that have your backlinks to Google search once again. The reason for this may be due to the fact that the site cache has not been updated since you created a backlink. This will help you clear the cache of the URLs that have your backlinks on the search engine.

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