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Been A Relationship Blogger Is Quite Interesting

CAFFINEGEEKS INTERVIEW is bringing this wonderful interview to every young dreamers out there who want to achieve their goals or objectives, in blogging.
Today, I am pleased to introduce our first interview with an handsome, smart, intelligent, blogger who goes by the name Harrison Hope Oliaku is the founder and Editor in chief at HarryScope Blog

Harrison Oliaku is a friendly Relationship blogger who respect other bloggers privacy and is always
opened to other people side of the view as long as it will help a lot of people.

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: hey there, welcome to today’s interview concerning your blogging life

Harrison Oliaku: Thanks

Caffinegeeks Interview: Am an Interviewer from caffinegeeks a tech blog. If you don’t mind what’s your name?

Harrison Oliaku: My Name Is Harrison Hope Oliaku

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: do you have any nickname people call you? And how many blog do you own?

Harrison Oliaku: Yes. People Do Call Me Two Nicknames; Harry And Harryscope
Presently i own two blogs which are harryscope.com and naija2know

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: why did you choose such names for your blog? And what future do you see your blog in
d next ten years

Harrison Oliaku: Well, Harryscope Been My First Blog Which Am More Passionate About Is A
Relationship Blog Which Originally Was Mylifetune, As Of The Time I Had To Switch To Custom Domain,
I Thought Of Just One Thing And That Is Writing Relationship My Own Style And That Came About The
Name Harryscope…Note The Word “scope” Thanks To Micdare Gideon Of Trildeon Blog Who Also
Assisted In Choosing That Name
Hopefully In The Next Ten Years And More, I Do Hope My Blog Will Be Showcased On Top Relationship
Sites Like Ilikelovequotes, Datingformen And Others…I See It Going Ahead To Solving More Relationship
Issues And Affecting Peoples Choice Of Relationship In A More Positive Way…

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: Which of this blog is your favorite? And like they say everyone got a skill … What type of
skill do you have?

Harrison Oliaku: My first blog has always been my favorite and will always be…so, harryscope is my

My Skills Are Not Far Fetched From What I Do…Teaching Is A Skill, Creativity, Writing, Blogging And
Communication Are All Part Of My Skills.

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: Do you enjoy getting interviewed from people or company?

Harrison Oliaku: Both

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: When did you join the blogging atmosphere?

Harrison Oliaku: I Joined Blogging March 2016…By Then I Was Still Learning And Getting Ideas From
Google And Friends And Other Blogs Which I Do Follow…By Then, I Had No Blog, Till Early May, I Got My
First Blog Created And Designed…

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: Your blogging niche are relationship and entertainment. Why did you choose such niche?
And do you think Google is the only best place to get more ideas from ?

Harrison Oliaku: Harryscope Is A Personal Blog Where I Run What Am Mostly Passionate About Which Is
Relationship… Naija2know Is Been Handled By A Team, Though I Own The Blog… I Choose Relationship
Because I Knew That’s What I Can Do Best And Seeing The Way Relationships Are Been Ruined And
Handled, I Felt Its High Time To Share My Little Knowledge About It. On The Other Hand, Naija2know
Was Created On Two Motives: To Generate Traffic And To Give Chance For Friends Who Don’t Own A
Blog Of Their Own To Manage It.
Like I Said Before, I Got Ideas From Google, Friends And Blogs Which I Do Follow… Google Isn’t The Only
Place To Get Ideas From… In fact The Best Place To Get Ideas From Is Friends…Get Ideas From Them And
Then Make Use Of Google For Assistance

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: Do you also have other administrators that work with you? And what’s d highest payment
you have recieved since u started blogging

Harrison Oliaku: As for harryscope, i used to have then, but now they no more write with me on
harryscope As for naija2know, i have other admins who manage the blog
I Started My Blog With No View Or Motive Of Monetizing It, But As Time Went On, I Started To
Monetize..$20 Was My Biggest Then And That Came From Content ad

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: Do you earn money apart from advertising network? And what’s your source of traffic to
your blog?

Harrison Oliaku: I Earn From The Blog Through Direct Services Like Article Writing And Blog Design, My
Major Source Of Traffic Is Reddit And Facebook.

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: What’s your statement to upcoming bloggers joining your niche?

Harrison Oliaku: Upcoming Bloggers Should Know One Thing About Owning A Blog. If The Strong Will
Coupled With Undying Passion Isn’t There, You Won’t Go Far. Some Started And Missed The Track And
Had To Give Up…. To Continue, Work On Your Zeal, Determination And Passion… Above All, There Is
Nothing Like Bringing Yourself Low Just To Learn…Learn From Top Bloggers And Also Learn From New
Bloggers… Upcoming Bloggers Should Also Learn To Believe In Themselves, Believe You Can Do It, Make
Research And Take The Risk At Times.

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: What’s your statement of improvement on caffinegeeks? And do you think blogging is a
business or a profession. Tell our readers out there what you think?

Harrison Oliaku: Blogging As I See It In 5years To Come Will Be More Of A Career And A Profession
I Do Appreciate What You Do Here. A Big Commendation for That…

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: If you were to be given some amount of money to open a new blog on a different niche
what niche will u pick?

Harrison Oliaku: I Would First Consider What My Passion Likes…But If That Happens, I Would Open A
Platform On Parenting.

Caffinegeeks Interviewer: We have come to end of the interview.. Thanks for creating time to contribute to our first
interview on caffinegeeksINTERVIEW

Harrison Oliaku: Thanks. It Was Nice Chatting With You.

Having read this interview it indicate that most blogger shouldn’t give up on their dream for blogging,
but should learn from others mistake.
Don’t forget to leave a comment on how this interview was if found interesting, don’t forget sharing
with friends will make others have interest in blogging.

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