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Best alternative of iCloud app for Android device

There are many alternatives of iCloud which you need to try if you are not satisfied with the service of iCloud. Some people are also looking for alternatives because they are looking for more or unlimited cloud storage. There are many other causes for which users are looking for iCloud alternatives like limited storage, slow backup, limited restoring features, pricing, etc. As per my knowledge these are some common issues reason for which crowd is looking for its alternatives. Flexibility in backup and restore with advanced security levels are the basic requirements which now are looking for.

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There are different cloud storages like iCloud which is available on the web. You have to choose the right and the most secure and convenient one. You might get confuse in choosing the alternatives of iCloud, so here I am going to enlist best alternatives if iCloud.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best alternatives in many aspects of iCloud.  In terms of storage capacity, supported files, pricing it stood first in the list.  By installing this app on your Apple device you can quickly create a secure backup of all your contents of iOS device. As iCloud is not so much flexible in file formats like PDF,TXT, MP4, MOV and much more. So using it you can store every types of file. You can store up to 15 GB data on Google Drive but if you are seeking for more storage then you have to pay $1.99 for 100 GB to $299.99 for 30 TB which is less than that of iCloud. Its interface is responsive and fast that makes the synchronization speed rate high.


It is another alternative of iCloud that I am for last few years and satisfy with its service and support. You can easily synchronize several types of data like doc, ppt, pps, html, jpg, psd, avi, etc.  from every device. Its interface and data synchronization rate is pleasing. In its free subscription you can sync data up to 2 GB but if you share Dropbox with your friends then you will get reward that avail you to store up to 16 GB for free. If you want more space then you need to pay for its paid subscription that starts form $9.99 to$ 499.99 per month.

Media Fire

It is popular and deliver better service accomplished with advance security. You can store different file formats data in it. You can eve share your data with others over twitter, Facebook and email. You can keep backup of your data for free up to 10 GB  but its pro user can save1TB if data by spending just $4.49 per month. Further if you are running a business and need to store huge data on cloud then you need to pay $49.99 per month for 100 TB space.


It is another cloud storage provider which fits best for all types of users. With maximum supportive file formats and with better data sync rate it is another best alternative of iCloud. Its interface is responsive and fast that is the only cause for its popularity. It maintains many advanced security level to keep your data secure. If you are a free users then you can store up to 10 GB of data  but if you subscribed  to its paid service then by spending $11.50 every month you can store up to 100 GB data. Though it is quite expensive but you will get better experience in cloud storage.

There are many other cloud storages like iCloud but the above listed names are popular and reliable. Data is important and so you need to choose a secure platform that keeps all your important data safe. Pick any from the above mentioned 4 best alternatives of iCloud and experience the difference.


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