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How to Get Us/Uk Google Adsense Verified



This tutorial is meant for those who don’t have an adsense account and unverified Adsense account from countries like UK and USA which they would want to apply and verify it with our little and meaningful tutorial. When It comes to applying and verifying Uk/Usa Google adsense account from any country provided, if you are not in breach of Google Adsense TOS.

I know you have been waiting for this, so I won’t waste any sec of your precious time trying to bore you with reasons why you need an Adsense account or why your request was not approved, just let get this started right away.

  • Create a New Gmail account (tip: Choose United State as your location).

So if you have a USA or UK Adsense account but don’t know how to verify it from Nigeria, today i will reveal to you how you can receive your USA or UK Adsense account verification PIN here in Nigeria and verify your account successfully. So just keep reading.

Here is a step by step guide on how to verify your USA or UK Adsense account here in Nigeria.

  • First you need a US or UK address where Google will send your verification PIN to. If you have a relation in the USA or UK who can forward the PIN to you in Nigeria, then that’s good.
  • Otherwise, you will need the services of this proxy/third party company called Shoptomydoor.com.
  • Register with shoptomydoor.com and they will generate a unique virtual address from the country you selected.
  • Then supply that virtual address they gave you to your Google Adsense that is where your verification PIN will be sent to. The virtual address will look similar to the one shown below.

Jeremiah Hagher Zenda
12012 Westbrae Parkway #B
Houston, – 76031


See How your Dashboard will look like Here:

==> That is the address you will enter in your Google Adsense account for them to sent your verification PIN to. You will also have to provide your own Nigerian Address where shoptomydoor.com will then send your received mail to you for a fee. I prefer the Post Box Address.

==> Shoptomydoor will notify you via mail or call your phone number when they receive your mail from Google Adsense. You will then have to make payment before they will ship the mail to your Nigerian Address where upon receiving it, you will need to use it to verify your Adsense account.


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