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An Interview With Emasoga Priscilla; A Nigerian Blogger

Welcome to CaffinegeeksINTERVIEW with Emasoga Priscilla who is a female blogger and the CEO of www.emasblog.com.
Below are her words with our correspondent:

Interviewer: Good day ma, I am Akin Theodox an Interviewer from one of the leading Africa’s greatest online blogs; CaffineGeeks.
Priscilla: Good day Mr. Akin, its nice meeting having you here with me.


Interviewer: Thanks ma, now to the main business, please can you briefly describe yourself right from your background and up to your present stage?
Priscilla: Yea, I’m Emasoga Priscilla, A sixteen (16) years old lady, from Delta state. I am currently an O’level graduate just this year. I grew up in Ughelli South Local Government Area (LGA) Delta state. I am an upcoming blogger and I base on Entertainment aspect of blogging.

Interviewer: Wao! that’s very interesting. Not to waste our time, I want you to brief me about how it all started, I mean how you got into blogging, how the inspiration came and why you felt like going along with the thought of blogging as a female.
Priscilla: Thank you Akin, Well, Blogging is something that popped up along the way. At first, it was web design and development. It all started 5 years ago when I was so much addicted to playing games on my Nokia phone. I visited a lot of websites and each I visited was a hit. I later said to myself “I love to have something like this, I would have to have one too”. And so the journey started. I started with Wapka.com and days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years and so here I am today.

Interviewer: We thank God for that, did you face any challenge and difficulty during the cause of doing this (web stuffs)?
Priscilla: Sure, I faced and am still facing a lot of challenges. At first, it was at home. I remember my mum would always scold me for spending too much time on my phone and even seize it. I would starve myself in school then, just to save money to buy data bundle, lol… I also got scammed twice and then hackers and haters. Back then on Wapka, due to lack of experience, haters who called themselves hackers would use cookies stealers to gain access to my website, delete everything and defaced it. I moved to php on free host and they took the same flight with me. They would DDOS my website and also deface it. At that point, I felt like quitting but friends encouraged me to move on and taught me a lot of things. Mr. G (Google) have also contributed so far.

Interviewer: That’s good, so what advice do you have for upcoming bloggers?
Priscilla: To all upcoming bloggers out there I want would like you to know that blogging is not a “Get-Rich” thing. It something that needs dedication and a lot of investment. If you don’t give in, you can’t get out. Your input will determine your maximum output at the end of the day. If you want to make something out of blogging, then you have to set the making money part aside for a while. Work hard, relate with other top bloggers, ask questions and do research. Mr. G is always available to help you; he never goes to sleep. Create a social media presence for your niche, build back links, work on SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) and most importantly your contents! There is no doubt that “Content is the king” because no one would visit an empty site. Work on the quality of your posts and try to exercise patience. “The patient Dog eats the fattest bone”.

Interviewer: Thanks so much Ms. Priscilla, for granting us the privilege to gain from your experience, I hope when we meet you again you will grant us audience?
Priscilla: Sure, anytime. Thanks Good bye.
Interviewer: Bye Ms.

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