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How To Start Selling TSTV Decoder

The indigenous digital TV company in Nigeria called TSTV,

which went live on the 1st of Oct. 2017 and ever since then, many competitors like DSTV and GOTV are panicking of this new PAY per view TV platform has brought for Nigerians.

The truth about selling TSTV decoder now is that it’s a product whose demand is very hot. Many Nigerians are already looking for where to get TSTV decoder. In this article, I will show you how to apply for and become a TSTV SELLER

in Nigeria and make lots of money selling TSTV decoders and it’s accessories anywhere in Nigeria. List of those who have applied to become TSV dealers has already been published already which you can  Dealer list ooking at the long list of TSTV dealer on the ground already, you will see selling TSTV decoder business is a very lucrative one right now.

How To Become A TSTV SELLER Or Agent

To become a TSTV seller or agent you must have these two things:

  1. You must be running a registered business. Most importantly, as you’ll be needing to apply using your CAC details.
  2. Other considerations but not final determinants include if you have installers (that is people that can install the TSTV dish), office picture and CAC registration form (you will upload while registering as an agent).

How to Register TSTV Seller

This is a step by step Guide to help you..


  • Log onto the registration portal: http://tstvafrica.com/dealer_register.php.
  • Fill the registration form.
  • After that, click on submit.
  • If your application is considered, you will be contacted.
  • Then, follow up whatever next you are asked to do.

After doing all this step on How To Become A TSTV seller


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