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Microsoft Introduces Cortana To Skype

After microsoft announced adding new features to Cortana and integrating it with other services to find new use cases for its AI-powered virtual assistant and how customers can make the most out of it. To start, Skype now supports Cortana and lets users find answers to their queries without leaving the conversation.

Now, the feature is live, offering users in-context assistance during their chats, as well as the option to message Cortana directly to ask questions or get help with a number of other tasks.

Additionally, Cortana is also offering “smart replies”, a feature that understands the context of a message and suggests a handful of responses. Tap on the response and you’ve moved the conversation forward. Google recently introduced this feature in Gmail, and LinkedIn has offered a similar feature in its messaging feature for some time as well.

Well lets explain what cortana is doing to skype chats 🙂 Cortana will pop into conversations to offer suggestions based on the context of your chats. This includes “smart replies,” which are quick responses like “Yes!,” “Sure!”, and others, which you can select with a tap to save you from typing.

You can also use Cortana to organise your day. The AI-powered digital assistant will figure out when you’re talking about scheduling events, or things that you would like to set as reminders, and prompt you with quick options to save them.

But perhaps more importantly, Cortana is now also a contact on Skype, so you can talk to her in natural conversations and have your questions answered. The company says it has stayed to roll out the feature on Android and iOS and its useful feature everyone needs apart from interrupting your message, i love this smart reply feature they added .. what do you think?

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