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Secret of Ranking Any of your Fiverr Gigs

Do you know there are many sellers who are making $1000+ per month even more from Fiverr only by selling their services and skills? Have you ever thought how they are able to do this? They get their gigs ranked at the top for their keywords and drive more sales to their gigs. Nobody knows exact algorithm that Fiverr use to rank any gigs, but I will tell you how to rank your gig for any keyword on Fiverr.

Once you have done everything from setting up your profile to your Fiverr gig get live you need to apply this
secret strategy to get your gig at top and get sales flowing in. This has been secret I had been using since last month
and was able to make $544 using only 3 gigs. Using this secret you can rank any gig at 1st position for any keyword
on fiverr in less than 48 hours for keywords like : “Logo Designing“, “Video Animation” and many more like this.
Here is how I did this:

NB : But before you proceed get your gig live and put a brief description with proper images.
1. Buy Gig Review for Your Gig: You can find gig review exchanger or seller on many facebook groups related to fiverr i.e Fiverr Sellers Forum, Fiverr Marketing Forum etc. or simply create a dummy account on Fiverr and buy our own gig twice/thrice at least and give good ratings and review. (In this you will only lose $2-$3) you will use paypal as mode of payment.

2. Use Accurate Tags:
You have to make sure that you are using accurate and appropriate tags for your gigs otherwise you will not be able to rank and also you must include keywords you want to rank for in your Gigs Title and descriptions.

For Example : If you are trying to rank your gig for Animation Videos or Whiteboard Videos then you should
use following tags like :-

Video Animation
3D Animation
Whiteboard Animation
Similar tags like above.

3. Drive Fake Visitors to Your GIG: If you can drive real visitor that will be great but if you can’t, then you have to send at least 200-250 fake visit/hits. This will boost your gigs impression and will be more visible to buyers who are willing to buy your services.

So to get fake visitors we will use traffic bot, the bot I recommend here is Jingling Bot that you can download from Here

I have not promoted my gigs much on social sites or done anything to promote my gigs outside fiverr. I have shared each and everything I had done to make money from fiverr. There are more than 1.5 million buyers on Fiverr once I rank my gigs I don’t have to promote them because I am already going to get massive exposure to earn money.

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