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SEO Plugin For Google Blogger Optimization

like as most useful WordPress Plugin can affect WordPress site traffic same like that if you have best search engine optimizations setting and code for our blog, You will also boost your site traffic.Many time are seeing that many blogs have good content but if you will see their traffic rank than we are finding that they have very low traffic, So we can realize that optimize blogger for search engine is very useful and every webmaster need it for proper SEO, Because in blogging a small thing can affect your traffic, Now blogging is vet competitive, So you must know all things for better success of a webmaster and enjoy this platform.

What Blogger is SEO friendly?

There are many Top Best Place To Start a Blog also free, but most  are using Blogger,  This is the power by Google so many awesome features added by Google. But every blogger also finds out the real thing behind this that which is best search engine friendly platform for blogging, Because now days everything depends on SEO, Many webmasters giving their opinion for this question and most are telling that WordPress is better from all as SEO, But now you can change your mind.

As you know that WordPress have many plugin for a work, These plugin can easily these related work, But now this is also SEO friendly, there are many new optimization codes, and setting which can make your site more SEO friendly, Now you can see many Top Responsive Fasted SEO Optimized Blogger Template for better SEO, So stay with this for better security from others and make it more SEO friendly using our some setting and codes.

What is SEO or Optimization and Plugin 2017

Seo or Search Engine Optimization same words, It’s a very big part of blogging, if you know what is real and Google friendly SEO then you can get sure success in blogging career, Its depend on many thinks like one page, Off page, Backlinks, contents, site design, images,, site speed, and many others, So for better understand you must read all part of search engine optimization and know about this.

How to optimize blogger for search engine

This question every blogger need, here we are also discussing  for this, There are many articles, Tips and tricks for Blogger blog optimization. Optimization is a similar word of SEO, Its depend on many platform like On page optimization and off page optimization, Both are very useful for getting more traffic, In this article we are doing on page optimization, These are : –
Optimization of

  • Meta Description.
  • H2 and H3 tags
  • Comments
  • Blogger Post,
  • Post Titel
  • Lable
  • Archives
  • Adding Add Custom Robot.txt file.
  • Custom robots header tags setting.

Top 10 Killer Seo Code and Setting For Blogger Blog optimization 2017

Friends here is best code and setting or plugin for your blog which can boost your blog, We are also using same setting so let’s get one by one and do these professional setting for better rank and make your site more Google search engine friendly.
#1 Optimization Blogger Post – Blogger post is the main thing which can affect your site more traffic more than other, So we just starting to optimize from a blogger post.
First go, to Required Blogger  >Template >Now Edit template Press Control + F,
Now simply Find below Code
Now Search Below code  <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>
After Find above code just replace below code on Above.
[sociallocker] [/sociallocker] <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>
Watch preview and done.
#2 Change All  H3 Tag to H2 Tag 
First, go to Required Blogger  >Template >Now Edit template Press Control + F,
Press Control + F and Search all H3 Tag one by one,
Now just replace H2 tag on H3 Tag.
You will see above 5 to 6 H3 Tg.
Watch the preview and done.
#3 Optimization label
First, go to Required Blogger  >Template >Now Edit template
Press Control + F,  Now Search Below codes
<a expr:href=’data:label.url’
Just add  rel=’tag’ or replace code on Above.
<a expr:href=’data:label.url’ rel=’tag’
#4 How Optimization of blogger comments
First go to Required Blogger  >Template >Now Edit template
Press Control + F,  Now Search Below codes
Just replace below code on Above Code and save it
rel=’external nofollow’  expr:href=’data:post.createLinkUrl’

#5 How to Optimize Blog Archives
First, go to Required Blogger  >Template >Now Edit template
Press Control + F,  Now Search Below codes
<a class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>
Simply Relace below code on above and save it.
<a rel=”archives” class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>
#6 Enable Static Meta Description To give better Meta Description 
First, go to Required Blogger  >Template >Now Edit template
Press Control + F,  Now Search <head>Tag
Now just past below code below  <head> tag
<b:if cond=’data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;’>
<meta expr:content=’data:blog.metaDescription’ name=’description’/>
Now watch preview Save it and done.
#7 Add Custom Robot.txt 
Login your Blogger > Setting >  Now Search Preferences
Now Click on Custom robots.txt  and Click on Yes.

Now simply add below code and save it
Replace your site with http://linodevit.blogspot.com/
First enable this option and the yes, so the box will appear. Copy below code and paste it in that box.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*
Allow: /
Sitemap: http://www.toptechlive.com/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated
#8 Do Right Custom robots header tags setting

Login then goes to Setting >  Simply click on Search Preferences
Then Click on Custom robots header tags setting
Now follow below screen shot for and do setting.

Best Search Preferences setting and code for blogger

Above Search Preferences setting for blogger most webmasters are using, So sure these are best and killer codes for your site, If wanna more traffic with low work then do above setting, All blog are have something different codes, So maybe you will not find any one code for replace, Then search carefully again, If you have any special tricks and more suggestion of Top best SEO guide and setting also search Preferences setting codes than just tell us,

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