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Why You Need An Attorney For Your Enterprise

Getting an attorney for your enterprise is necessary though you may initially be ignorant of the fact.

Many people see lawyers as dishonest people who lie for a living, this is indeed a misconception as there are men of ethics with an aim to promote the rule of law.

You may view getting a lawyer for your small business as imposing more expense but it is very relevant if you want the growth of that firm.

Below are some reasons why getting a lawyer is essential for the growth of your business.


# 1 for effective legal advice

A lawyer gives professional legal advice which will be beneficial to you and your business hence you need one.

In some cases you wouldn’t know that depending on the nature of product you sell or the type of service you render, you may be disobeying government laws and yet you are not aware, such may land you in Court and your company being warranted to liquidate through Court order or you may be fined a huge sum.

Take an example of a casino, in some states running a casino business, may be legal and some states not legal. You may be ignorantly running a casino business in a state where it is considered illegal which you will likely be arrested and sometimes land you in prison.

In a situation whereby your business needs to be registered so as to procure a license from the government, it can be easily done with the aid of an attorney which doesn’t really cost much.

Another situation is when you are operating a business whereby a license is necessary before your business will be recognized as a legal entity e.g. a brothel, gambling services etc. you being an ordinary citizen may be ignorantly operating your business and not aware that you are going contrary to government rules.

# 2 To facilitate legal transactions

Since your company is a legal entity there are chances that you may go beyond just selling your products or rendering your services.

You may receive a memorandum of understanding from other companies, you may want to buy a land to erect a permanent structure for your company, you may receive contracts from other firms etc.

Now in other to create a legally binding agreement between two or more parties so as to avoid future conflict the services of an attorney will be needed.

The attorney will be the one to draft an agreement and explicitly explain each and every part of it, he will also draft future deeds or conveyances on behalf of the company.

Submission may be given to your company or valid contracts proposing a certain consideration as payment, a lawyer should on behalf of the company write letters to accept or reject such transactions as the company may direct.


# 3 To defend in case of suits and litigations

Your enterprise is not an exception of being a defendant in a suit as an employee or aggrieved client may decide to sue you as the circumstance may hold.

It will be more professional for a lawyer attached to your company to defend rather than hiring a private attorney from a firm of solicitors.

Lawyers understand the law and are capable of challenging a fact when it is fallacy.

Sometimes business owners try to defend their enterprise in lawsuits but this is not advisable, a lawyer is loaded with the law, trained and technical in a legal battle.

You may not know the evidence you are giving is against the weight of your defense since there isn’t a lawyer to guide you and judgment may be given against your company thus the Court may order your firm to pay a huge sum as damages to the Claimants.

# 4 To protect legal interest

Your business may experience illegal threats like someone stealing your trademark and using them illegally, encroachers into your immovable property, a client refusing to pay up a balance when the job has been done, there are just too many of them.

As a legal entity, it is not advisable to resort to self-help such as retaining the services of assassins or scallywags to either hurt the stubborn client or the encroachers but hiring a lawyer to bring a suit and claim damages from them is the best action.

Getting an attorney will enable you ware of encroachers through notices to them as well as inform stubborn clients of their refusal to pay to be unlawful etc.

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