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WordPress Featured Image Not Showing, How to Solve it?

When talking about featured image on WordPress it means making a particular image as the image to represent a blog post or blog page..

I have once been in this before but I will show you how to solve it without getting freaked out. To Solve it you don’t have to be a wordpress guru or a programmer that’s why WordPress is the best.

Before I can keep going let me share something with you, Most WordPress theme do allow you set a featured image yourself and some uses the first image on your post without you adding it.

Let’s Get Started

  • check if the theme has a theme setting and check for the featured image maybe you find something there to help.

Please I would advice you learn how to use this plugin first.

Note-: If the post thumbnail is already present, the plugin .

will do nothing.

How it Works

Auto post thumbnail is a plugin to generate post thumbnail from first image in post or any custom post type. If the first image doesn’t work it will automatically search for the next one and so on until the post thumbnail is inserted.

How To Install
– Upload directory ‘auto-post-thumbnail’ to the ‘/wp- content/plugins/’ directory
– Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Most WordPress themes allow you to prominently display a featured image with your articles. Here is how to set a featured image in WordPress to avoid missing thumbnails.

If you do not see a featured image meta box in your post edit area, then click on Screen Options button on the top right corner of the screen and check the featured image check box.

Now, you can click on ‘Set Featured Image’ link to upload your post thumbnail.
After uploading the image, you need to click on the Set Featured Image button.
You will be able to see your post thumbnail in the featured image meta box

After that enjoy the plugin, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


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  1. I always Use “QQ Image Save” it will auto show Feature image on my blog

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